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10,000 Steps for Workplaces
The 10,000 Steps program has been successfully implemented in a variety of settings, with workplaces being one of the most popular. 10,000 Steps provides a number of resources to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a 10,000 Steps program to promote physical activity in the workplace. All of the resources are available for free on with additional support also available from the staff in the 10,000 Steps Project office.

Physical Activity in the Workplace
Because most adults spend half their waking hours at work, increasing physical activity during the workday is a practical way for many adults to become more active. Workplaces can do a variety of things to foster a working environment that incorporates and encourages employees to be physically active.

Why physical activity is important in the workplace?
Physical activity has a proven benefit to the quality and quantity of our work and is a remarkably effective way to reduce health related expenses in the workplace. Benefits of being a physically activity workplace include:

  • Improved employees health and fitness
  • Improved productivity and morale
  • Improved job satisfaction and team spirit
  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover
  • Reduced stress and ergonomic injuries
  • Reduced workers compensation claims

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