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10,000 Steps Pedometers - Yamax DigiWalker Pedometers
There are a number of pedometers on the market, however 10,000 Steps have chosen Yamax DigiWalker's due to their accuracy, reliability and validity. Rated as no. 1 by Choice magazine and used by many academic researchers; the Yamax pedometers have been found to be accurate within +/-1% at any walking speed.

According to recent University Studies nothing can compare to the Yamax DigiWalker when measuring steps, distance & energy cost.
Crouter, S.E., Schnider, P.L., Karabulut, M., & Basset Jr, D.R.
Validity of 10 Pedometers for Measuring Steps, Distance & Energy Cost.
Department of Health and Exercise Science, University of Tennessee Knoxville TN

The 10,000 Steps Yamax DigiWalker SW series are available in three models; SW200 (steps only), SW500 (steps, distance and clock feature) and SW700 (steps, distance, calories). Every pedometer comes with it's own 10,000 Steps Log Book, Safety Strap and an Blue Carry Pouch.

The *New Yamax DigiWalker DW150 is the latest edition to the 10,000 Steps Range. Not as Accurate or Well Built as its Bigger Brothers the SW Series (University Grade Pedometers); It still has the Extreme Quality & Realiability expected of a Yamax Pedometer.